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Amileader – a secret of fast promotion of an Internet brand

Amileader drums up business on the Web


Amileader – a secret of fast promotion of an Internet brand

When Bill Gates said his famous, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business” many believed he overcoloured. However, over time, his words turned into a fact we can all agree upon. Amileader system was developed for entrepreneurs who do not want to keep losing their customers and profits because their companies are not on the Internet. It is for those who realized that promotion on the Web is the only way to make their businesses resistant to any crises, turmoil, or even lockdowns. Coronavirus pandemic closed down about a third of all enterprises around the world – they didn’t survive quarantine restrictions. And those who remained afloat got full proof that Internet sales are their only salvation. Amileader is the way to administer sales quickly, efficiently, and economically. With Amileader, your investments will bring you guaranteed results and within a very short period.

Amileader: active sales, consistent profit on the Web

Earn on the Internet with Amileader

Amileader is not only a means to promote your brand, good, or service. It is also a technology of introducing the brand to the Internet space. The system is grounded on the professional insights of the marketing experts, SEO, PR, and copywriting specialists from the advertising company Amillidius. For over 10 years, this company has been doing Internet marketing and within this period, they have drummed up many various companies on the Web. Integration of the most successful and efficient solutions resulted in Amileader that is equally instrumental for b2c and b2b companies, a business of any scale, and products of all types. Having emerged on the market of Internet advertising in 2020, Amileader has become a real gift for everyone who finally decided to conquer the Internet but lacks the experience and knowledge in this area. With the help of Amileader any brand quickly becomes recognizable and earns the trust of its target audience, hence boosted sales. It can be explained by the fact that before buying something, every person goes to the Internet to learn more about a product or company. If Google is not familiar with this brand, the risk of losing the prospective customer is substantial – he or she will leave for someone more well-established.

Amileader raises trust

Amileader has become a ready-made solution for those who attempted to do everything it takes but by themselves. Neither small nor medium-size business can cope with it even by hiring a dedicated employee for that. One person cannot fulfil such a task as he or she can’t be an expert in all the areas at once: SEO, PR, marketing, copywriting, design. And this list of the professionals, required for the successful introduction of the brand, is not complete. Without them, there is a great chance this endeavour will fail. Yet, by ordering Amileader, you buy the services of the entire team at once. Also, you can use the services of the company’s partners – the numerous international web-sites that will place the information about your business in any language.

From Amileader Start to Amileader Premium – the options that meet different needs

Types of Amileader

Amileader provides for setting Google search results right for the request of your company or product. When the works are over, whoever googles the name of your brand, he or she receives the fullest information and the powerful drive to make a purchase. They will see Google’s top-10, filled in with the selling articles that describe the company or product most engagingly. In such a way, interested customers turn into a loyal “heated-up” audience – the best income source for any business. Amileader service comes in three types:

  • Amileader Start
  • Amileder Standard
  • Amileader Premium

Even the minimum package of Amileder Start completely covers the basic needs of the brand on the Internet. The package includes 10 selling articles, written in line with the Google requirements on the specifically selected web-sites. These 10 articles shape Google’s top-10 – the page, seen by your prospective customers when they type in the search box the name of your brand. Amileader Standard and Amileader Premium makes it possible to progress in conquering the Internet, ultimately exploiting its selling opportunities for the good of your product.

Stop wasting your budget – use Amileader!

Amileader is the foundation of successful advertising campaigns.The business should be presented on the Internet correctly, otherwise contextual, targeting, and other types of advertising will produce little to no result, no matter how much you are going to invest in them. You will just blow up your budget. The customers, who got interested thanks to the active type of advertising, will google your company’s or product’s name and leave if they see nothing there. On the contrary, if the business is presented well on the Web, all active promotion types will deliver an excellent result. The customers, engaged by contextual or targeting ads, will see a well-presented brand in the Google results and buy it.

By efficiently presenting a company or a product on the Internet, Amileader stimulates the transformation of customer leads into real customers, driving your business up to a new level.

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