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Tesla Heads to Court: $50,000 Fine for Early Cybertruck Resale

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Tesla Heads to Court: $50,000 Fine for Early Cybertruck Resale

Tesla has decided to take control of the fate of those who decide to part ways with their Cybertrucks too soon. Amendments to the purchase agreement for the electric pickup have sparked outrage among customers. According to the new clause, selling the vehicle within the first year without Tesla’s explicit permission may lead to legal action or a fine of $50,000 or the resale value, whichever is greater.

Although Tesla attempted to conceal this controversial clause by removing it from the agreement, it turns out that it continues to be in effect. Customers who ordered the Foundation Series version for $120,000 found themselves hostage to this rule. Now, to avoid fines and lawsuits, Cybertruck owners must obtain written consent from Tesla before selling within the first year of ownership.

This new approach by Tesla has not gone unnoticed, especially in light of the reinstated $50,000 fine. Some are comparing this to the practices of other elite automakers like Ferrari and Porsche, who also enforce similar rules.

This decision raises questions: will it apply to all Cybertruck owners, or will it be limited to Foundation Series owners only? It’s another element of intrigue surrounding the life and sales of the Cybertruck, adding suspense and excitement for future owners.

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