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100 doves in less than 45 minutes

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100 doves in less than 45 minutes

Caricaturist Ibrahim Badusha draws 100 doves in less than 45 minutes to mark International Day of Peace on September 21

Ibrahim Badusha, a caricaturist from Kochi, undertook the task of drawing 100 cartoons live in less than 45 minutes to mark International Day of Peace on September 21.

Ibrahim Badusha at work  

“Peace Toon”, as the event was titled, was held on September 19. He drew the white dove, which is used as a universal symbol of peace. “Right from the portrayal of the dove with an olive branch to signify peace to Picasso’s famed 1949 lithograph, ‘Dove’, I had in my mind an entire story about the bird,” says Badusha over phone from Aluva, where he lives. “Everybody wants peace — be it individuals, nations or animals. It is the most relevant thing in these times,” he adds.

Each illustration took somewhere between 10 seconds and a minute to do. The images are small, drawn in the pages of a standard notebook. “I thought drawing in a notebook would save time, as flipping the page would be easier than using loose sheets of paper, which would involve stacking,” he says. He used a chisel marker to draw.

While focussing on the central theme of peace, Badusha’s drawings also cover the life cycle of the bird and its numerous depictions in popular culture. The dove as a messenger, as a pet, as a spirit animal and in dove racing has been featured. Badusha also portrays how the bird can be used as a symbol to denote racism. Celebrated as they may be, the birds are not exactly loved. “These birds are considered a menace in high rises, as they often build nests in buildings and man-made structures,” he says. One of his images show another bird looking on in envy as the pigeon nests comfortably on a ledge.There are images of drones inspired by the pigeon in the collection as well.

A caricature of Ibrahim Badusha done by Manu Mohan  

The plan was to do the show in a physical space, but he felt that it would be safer to do it online. He plans to compile the drawings into a book.Badusha, who is fondly known as the “cartoon man” among his students and friends, curated an exhibition titled “Peace Legends” in 2017. The show had caricatures of people who stood for peace — Mahatma Gandhi to the Dalai Lama, done by his friend, Hassan Kotteparambil.The event can be viewed on Badusha’s YouTube channel ‘Badusha Cartoonman’, where he conducts tutorials. He, hopes the feat would make it to record books.

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