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Bogdan Terzi — business expert, reveals the secrets of efficient online marketing

Bohdan terzi – marketer, Yuriy Krakatets – SEO specialist, on lead-generation and ways to attract new clients

Addressing the issues businesses face when experiencing the online sales boom, the advertising agency Amillidius developed new and efficient approaches to promote companies in the global network. The CEO of Amillidius, Bogdan Terzi outlined the priority areas for advertising. “According to the figures from providers, 7,000,000 people in Ukraine are active online customers. And this number keeps growing,” he stated. Bogdan Terzi believes that online advertising is currently a major and leading type of advertising in terms of capitalization. This growing trend will continue for at least the next five years. “Most active users, whenever they watch TV, during the commercial break, grab their smart phones and shift their focus onto social networks or elsewhere online. This means that the classical advertising approach no longer works the way it used to”, stated Bogdan Terzi.

The CEO of Amillidius Bohdan Terzi on advertising online

The CEO of Amillidius Bogdan Terzi believes the future lies in digital format

Bogdan Terzi recommends that companies shift to online sales as soon as possible. “The sooner entrepreneurs will reshape their business to digital format, the sooner they will gain the profits. Small and medium-sized businesses have the most potential to grow fastest”, continues Bogdan Terzi. Amillidius can already boast of a couple of cases of their clients’ rapid growth. “For instance, the Center of Broker Technologies Company. We started working with them two years ago. The result we have reached is an 8.5 times increase in client flow. This was made possible by repositioning the company online”, says Bogdan Terzi. However, Amillidius experts believe that it is the adequate operational model that leads to sales growth. “Based on our practical experience, we work to build any company in four major areas. This model involves creating the company’s online reputation, product line development, client attraction and sales”, explains Bogdan Terzi.

In his opinion, it is critical for the product line to have a unique offering that makes it stand out amongst thousands of their kind. “NOKIA once missed the dawning trend and didn’t shift to smartphone production, focusing on the production in the existing segment instead. As a result, the whole world shifted to smart phones and the company went bankrupt.”

Bogdan Terzi also stated that the traditional means of advertising via TV, billboards and radio are no longer efficient. “Today it just doesn’t work, and this means one should attract customers in the places they spend most of their time now– on the Internet”, he emphasized.

“Today everyone uses lead-generation. In other words, the user sees the ad for the product, then leaves their contact details with the company’s representatives to get back to them and help with purchasing the product”, explains Bogdan Terzi. “Another important benefit of lead generation is that it makes it possible to do precise calculations of the advertising campaign cost. That is, the client flow track shows how much you spent on the advertising and how much profit you got from the purchases the advertising led to”.

The Head of the Marketing Department in Amillidius – Yuriy Krakatets states “feedback is the major motivation for purchase”

The CEO of Amillidius believes that web-sales have changed the sellers’ role. “People who purchase online don’t need the shopping assistance in its traditional sense. They do their independent research on the product they want to buy. And normally, in most cases they are 80% sure they want to buy exactly this product. The only thing a manager has to do at the stage they receive an order is not to discourage the potential client from buying the product’, explains Bogdan Terzi. Yuriy Krakatets, the Head of the Marketing Department in Amillidius, supported the presentation of Bogdan Terzi with the figures and stated that the success and profit of any company directly depends upon its online reputation. “Over 70% of users, before purchasing a product and ordering a service, read user feedback. Statistics show a product gets an 18% increase in sales in the cases of positive feedback being available online. People trust customer reviews 19 times more than product descriptions on the official website”, he emphasized.

Yuriy Krakatets, Amillidius, the profit depends on reputation

It is worth mentioning that Amillidius has extensive experience in online marketing. Back in 2010, the company had already specialized in website development and SEO. Within two years, they expanded their range of services to include PR and SMM. Today Amillidius covers practically all possible areas of the digital industry and works with customers from 15 countries worldwide.

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