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Elledgy: producer Elvira Gavrilova becomes and singer and releases her first music video

Elledgy (Elvira Gavrilova) revealed a new dimension of her talent in the sensible music video Love me Long


Elledgy: producer Elvira Gavrilova becomes and singer and releases her first music video

The new year of 2020 has brought about new music discovery. The journalist, fashion designer, and producer Elvira Gavrilova presented herself in a new surprising role. Elledgy — a stage name under which she made her music debut. 150 thousand-strong Instagram audience of the socialite and iron business lady, who created numerous big projects from scratch, was holding its breath for as long as a month. And finally, on January 21, the international premiere took place. We managed to get the comments from the singer who is also the author of the lyrics and the director of the music video Love me Long.

Many faces of Elledgy (Elvira Gavrilova). Details of creating Love me Long

Under the stage name Elledgy, Elvira Gavrilova dives deep into the behind-the-stage world of show-biz

I’m not going to become a singer, — said Elvira blatantly, shattering the hopes of many fans, — but I’m not saying I won’t record an album, she added. A paradox? Not at all. The young woman shared that the true driver to create the track and the music video was learning about show biz from inside and gaining experience for her producing activities. “I’m a producer in the first place, — she claimed. — I work with models and singers; in the future, I’d love to make movies. This is why I needed this experience”. Of course, one music video is not enough to see all the details. It was revealed that Elvira is working on the second music video but its plotline remains a secret.

“I can say that I’ve made a very careful error assessment. I believe I did quite well for the debut work but of course, there are some minor flaws to fix there. To learn how to avoid them, I decided to become a singer”, — said Elledgy.

Besides the parts of the singer and actress in the video, she also played many other roles there. Some of them are quite familiar and customary to her — the owner of the Fashion House, Elvira created all the outfits for the video: sexy provocative latex bodysuits, romantic dresses made of shining net and dark-green silk. Besides being a singer and an actor, some other roles were very new to her. “I am the author of the lyrics and music, a script-writer, a director, and co-editor” — said Elledgy. Down this way, she was supported by the pro-team from the digital company Amillidius and welcomed the tips from her friends in show-biz.

Elledgy herself directed the video-making process

Elledgy’s character brushes off a handsome man because she cannot get it over with the girl

The video’s main character, the singer herself, is shown at the hotel restaurant with a good-looking man, played by the girls’ dream man and the star of the Ukrainian version of Bachelor Show, Sergey Melnik. Elledgy is attracted to her new friend but then she brushes him off quite relentlessly because she is still not over her love – the girl, who cheated on her with the other girl.

Love me Long plotline is based on a non-traditional love triangle

The international premiere of the provocative 18+ restricted video took place on social media. The track is also available on the services Apple Music and Google Play. Stay tuned with the project news at ELLEDGY website.

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