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Elvira Gavrilova – the producer who will change your opinion about Ukraine

Successful and talented people improve Ukraine’s reputation, Elvira Gavrilova

Elvira Gavrilova – the producer, businesswoman, fashion designer from Ukraine, who also works in Europe. She is famous for her numerous projects, for organizing luxurious parties, and for charity activities. Among her most successful projects, there are national ratings Top-100 “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”, “MICE-tourism”, “Education in Great Britain”, “Charity Calendar”. Today, we would like to discuss with Elvira her work as a producer, the way she has gone through and her plans for the future.

Elvira, could you please share how you manage to create and promote various projects?

You know, I was thinking about starting my own business as early as at the university. However, back then, unfortunately, I didn’t have either adequate knowledge or resources to fulfill it. After I earned my degree, I got a job at a financial company. There, I gained required knowledge in marketing and producing which were of great use in the business of my own. Even though all my projects are very different and cover different areas, they share a common idea: I want to support gifted beautiful, and bright citizens of Ukraine – trust me, in our country they are ample – thus creating Ukraine’s positive image.

Trying something new is a key to success

Was there a starting mark – maybe, a specific project – which ushered your way to producing?

I think everything started with the “Breakfast in dresses” – for Ukraine, it was a brand new format of a high-profile event. These “breakfasts” would gather the women, who wanted to spend their mornings in the festive environment, wearing beautiful outfits, discussing interesting topics in the company of bright people. Every such event had a different theme, however, traditionally, in the morning, there was a fashion show of Elvira Gavrilova fashion brand. These girls’ parties also included useful master-classes, personal growth discussions, different pieces of training, and giveaways.

Elvira Gavrilova, the producer, the founder of the charitable project Help

After the “Breakfasts”, you realized that it was just the beginning, didn’t you?

I did. I saw how much it resonated with the Ukrainian women and how much our country was missing the events like that, new formats, out-of-the-box prompt solutions. This was when I decided that I would distribute my efforts into different industries and would share my achievements with everyone.

Elvira Gavrilova, the producer: my main mission is to promote and encourage the talents

The country’s main value is its people, says Elvira Gavrilova, the producer of many projects

What did you decide to do next?

After that, I put all my efforts into the creation of all-Ukrainian ratings “Top-100”. I realized that there were so many talented and famous people in our country but they were very little known across the state. So I decided I should tell about them both in Ukraine and beyond. The ratings give the rating participants an excellent opportunity to become a name, to clear the way to new achievements and more success. Today, we have nominations for men, women, and children, as well as a business-nomination for companies. Every time, we get an enormous number of applications, so it is not an easy job to select the best – they are all impressively talented, interesting, and promising. Of course, if it is not for the great team of those who help me, it would be very difficult to cope with that all. Especially, when it comes to children’s nomination: I want to encourage and award every single child. By the way, now, we have the project “Education in Great Britain” which gives a chance to talented children to study abroad.

Pride and Beauty of Ukraine – Elvira Gavrilova’s favorite project

Are you going to pursue your producing activities? Have you been working on new projects?

As I said, what is important to me is that Ukraine’s talented people become known in the country. I want to promote and multiply their success in Europe, too – this is what my new projects are aimed at. But as long as they are still at a very early stage, I’d rather not go into more details. Hopefully, very soon they will be much spoken about.

Thanks for joining us today, Elvira. And thank you for your tireless efforts in the development and promotion of the talents in your country.

Learn more about our special guest and her activities at her personal website https://elvira-gavrilova.com/en/

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