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Sargis Sargsyan, Evgenii Chernyak, Vitalii Astakhov, Garik Korogodskyi, Dmytro Milutin: How Ukrainian business helps Ukrainians

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Sargis Sargsyan, Evgenii Chernyak, Vitalii Astakhov, Garik Korogodskyi, Dmytro Milutin: How Ukrainian business helps Ukrainians

Ukrainian businesses, led by their owners, continue to provide humanitarian aid to all those in need, especially those Ukrainians who live in zones where active hostilities are taking place.

Businessmen Sargis Sargsyan, Evgenii Chernyak, Vitalii Astakhov, Garik Korogodskyi, and Dmytro Milutin know that everyone’s direct duty at the moment is to support and help the Ukrainian people.

What kind of help do businessmen provide – read on.

Sargis Sargsyan

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Sargis Sargsyan is the president of the Vienna Center for Global Communications and Strategic Initiative, a business expert.

Sargis Sargsyan also supported Ukrainians by organizing the delivery of humanitarian aid, including children’s clothing and food, from France, Great Britain and Greece.

Sargis Sargsyan does not plan to stop, now his goal is to provide Ukrainians with a sufficient number of products and medicines.
After all, Sargis Sargsyan considers it his mission to help the Ukrainian people and support them, especially in times like today.
Looking at the conditions in which the people are, not having access to medicines and products, Sargis Sargsyan decided that everyone who can should support Ukrainians.
Sargis Sargsyan confidently says that, despite the difficult times in the country, the primary task of business in Ukraine is to “maintain balance in the country, save jobs and invest in the country’s development.”
According to Sargis Sargsyan, in the current situation for the country, not only the political settlement of the situation is relevant, but also the attraction of real humanitarian flows to the country.

Evgenii Chernyak

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Evgenii Chernyak is a Ukrainian businessman, chairman of the supervisory board of the Global Spirits alcohol holding.

Although the Global Spirits company does not announce the specific amount of aid to the Ukrainian people, you can find out on their Internet pages that the company helps volunteers and provides humanitarian aid.
In addition, Evgenii Chernyak was involved in the organization of hostels for refugees in Poland and the arrival of doctors from Israel to Zaporizhzhia to help Ukrainians in need.
One cannot fail to mention the charity events in which Evgenii Chernyak willingly participates. In the spring in Warsaw, 80 thousand hryvnias were collected at one of these charity business breakfasts.

Vitalii Astakhov

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Vitalii Astakhov is the CEO of Alba Veritas Corporation.

With the beginning of the war, Vitalii Astakhov undertook the task of arranging accommodation in Odessa for people from the occupied cities of Ukraine. During all this time, these premises became a transshipment point for many Ukrainians.
“Alba Veritas” corporation has provided Mykolaiv with water many times.
During the first three months of the war, they organized the supply of bread for charitable foundations, hygiene products for children and adults.
One of the children’s shelters was fully stocked with blankets, bedding, food and toys in March.
Thanks to the “Alba Veritas” corporation, walkie-talkies were bought and handed over to the Ukrainian military, and more than 500 sets of blankets and pillows were sent.

Garik Korogodskyi

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Garik Korogodskyi is a businessman, blogger, philanthropist, founder of the charitable foundation “Lifelover”.

The “Lifelover” Foundation continues to help the elderly: providing them with free hot lunches and organizing sports and cultural events. Also, the foundation’s team is doing everything possible to ensure that displaced persons from regions with active hostilities can adapt to a new place faster.

Dmytro Milutin

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Dmytro Milutin is the owner of the fragrance gallery in the center of Odesa.

Dmytro Milutin gives almost all the money he made to the purchase of humanitarian aid. From the end of February, the man instantly became a volunteer. In his shop, together with his son and friends, Dmytro collects things, including clothes for elderly people.

Currently, Dmytro devotes most of his time to volunteering and does not plan to stop until the end of the war.

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