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Green frames that tell grey stories

Green frames that tell grey stories


Green frames that tell grey stories

The 12th International Greenstorm Nature Photography Exhibition showcases pictures that depict the condition of the environment

A frog watches intently the clear jelly bubbles that surrounded her. They are her eggs and proud as she is of them, the frog is perhaps aware that a mild swell of the water could burst the encasing around them. This photograph, taken by Vittorio Ricci from Liguria in Italy, is one among the 30 short-listed entries to the 12th edition of the International Greenstorm Nature Photography Exhibition.The online contest received a whopping 6,811 entries this year, one the highest since the launch of the contest 12 years ago, says Dileep Narayanan, managing trustee of the Greenstorm Foundation. “We had entries from over 52 countries this year — a huge jump from being just a poster competition in 2008,” he adds.Participants from around the world sent in pictures of Nature and the creatures that depend on her. From a photograph as simple as that of an ant taking refuge on a dried leaf floating on the surface of a water body to the undulating expanse of what was once river Jamuna’s course in Bogra, Bangladesh, each tells a pertinent story about the environment.Ever since its launch, the photography contest has aimed at bringing about awareness on our immediate surroundings. Photographs can speak about issues, raise awareness and set off a chain of action, says Dileep. The foundation also visits schools and through campaigns and activities, promotes the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.The month-long exhibition was inaugurated by former UNEP director and Norwegian Environment Minister Erik Solheim. Speaking at the virtual inaugural ceremony, Solheim said his love for Nature started at the Norwegian mountains which he used to visit often as a child. “I was taken there by my mother, and we children would follow the cows and sheep and goats. It was incredible. Ocassionally, we would catch a glimpse of wildlife too. A moose, fox or rabbit, for instance. We would go swimming in very cold lakes. I think that instilled in me a love for mother earth,” he says.Climate change, pollution and extinction of flora and fauna are the major environmental concerns of our age, he adds. “As human beings, we need to take stock and start acting,” he says.The jury, this year, which comprised environmental activist Ranjan Panda, wildlife conservationist Latika Nath, and advertising professional Pratap Suthan, had a tough task, sifting through 6,811 entries to pick out 30 outstanding ones. The final winners will be chosen based on the marks awarded to the short-listed entries by the jury and the votes of the visitors to the website. The exhibition will continue till September 30. Results will be announced in October. The first three winners will be awarded cash prizes.Visit the exhibition at

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