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Lucky fish! Trevor Manuel gifts Mboweni bag of pilchards in nod to his cooking

While Finance Minister Tito Mboweni is well known for managing the country’s finances, it is his love of cooking that has recently garnered wide-spread attention.

Mboweni has recently taken to sharing his love of cooking on social networking site Twitter, as well as step-by-step recipes, including pictures to his 415 000 followers.

But it was his regular posts about Lucky Star pilchards that really got tongues wagging.

Mboweni’s fondness of Lucky Star’s Pilchards has not only caught the attention of the Twitterati but also that of former finance minister Trevor Manuel who visited Mboweni on Tuesday evening.

Mboweni took to Twitter to share his excitement after Manuel gifted him with a bag of Pilchards.

Twitter users have also recently nicknamed him the ‘Minister of Lucky Star’ while some have gone as far as creating memes of Mboweni on cans of pilchards. Earlier this month Mboweni shared the picture, with the quip, “Who did this? You people are bad bad bad!???? (sic)”

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