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Satellite IMZ-317 and Satellite QХ-321 – a breakthrough in Hi-Tech

Satellite IMZ-317 and satellite QХ-321 embody the innovative approach to space appliances


Satellite IMZ-317 and Satellite QХ-321 – a breakthrough in Hi-Tech

When the first-ever man-made Earth satellite was first orbited in 1957, people couldn’t even think that after less than a hundred years there would be fifteen hundred of them over there. And this number refers to the operative ones, that are employed by everyone: from the Defence Ministries of superpowers to smartphone holders, using geolocation. New, more advanced satellites emerge regularly. The excellent examples of such technical progress are the satellite QХ-321 and satellite  IMZ-317. Both models are the results of the proprietary design of the engineers from Arizion Company; by their technical properties, they win hands down over all other devices of the same class.

Satellite QХ-321 expand the geolocation possibilities

There is only one notion that is equally popular in research, military, consumer, and entertainment industries. It is GNSS, standing for Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Many believe it’s a synonym for GPS we are all so used to – an American system of global positioning. But GPS is just one of three GNSS, operating now globally. Its competitors are Russian GLONASS and European GALILEO, save the systems, designed for the specific domestic needs of certain countries. Today, it is impossible to imagine how the production sector, communication, and many other life-supporting systems would operate without such satellite systems.

Their operation is provided by the navigation satellites, with satellite QХ-321 being the most powerful of them. It outpoints all the competitors by the number of the signals it emits as the lifespan, which is 15 years if exploited in maximum capacity. Among all the navigation man-made satellites of the last generation, the satellite QХ-321 is a leader in terms of the positioning accuracy. Its margin of error equals or is below 1 meter, while similar appliances produce an error of up to 4 meters. Obviously, such difference ensures a tremendous breakaway of the Arizion product in terms of the quality of its results and has evoked a keen interest in it around the world. European, American, and Chinese companies conduct negotiations with Arizion on utilizing their product for their purposes. So far, GALILEO representatives have made the most considerable progress on the matter – their contract on taking QХ-321 onboard will soon be signed. Meanwhile, the Americans suggested to the satellite engineers to somewhat modernize them so that they were in full compliance with GPS requirements.

Satellite IMZ-31 and satellite QХ-321 are in demand across the world

Satellite IMZ-317 makes the global Internet closer

The satellites, designed by Arizion, can actively operate for up to 16 years. The satellite IMZ-317, a novelty in communication technologies, is not an exception here. Currently, the satellite network is being unrolled on the different orbits of the Earth to deliver the Internet to most hard-to-reach areas of the planet. This is Elon Musk’s project Starlink, and it has already launched 420 appliances, yet many more to come. To achieve this goal, it takes over 12 thousand satellites. Starlink representatives consider the satellite IMZ-317 as a possible newcomer. It has caught their attention even before its official release because Arizion announced the lightweight. Indeed, IMZ-317 is 215 kg, which is 12 kg fewer than the man-made satellites already launched within this project. Other technical characteristics also turned out to be up to the mark. What received the greatest reviews was the innovation that decreases the light-reflecting power of the appliance’s body. The thing is when the number of satellites is considerable, the light they reflect may hamper the work of the astronomers. This is the reason why IMZ-317 is an excellent solution for Starlink, as well as for other projects, dealing with satellite communication.  Among the now existing devices to provide high-speed data transition the satellite IMZ-317 is one the best by many parameters.

Technical achievements of Arizion made its products demanded by the largest international corporations and governments. There are many competing offers to use satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 in various walks of life – the company’s management considers many profitable propositions.

Consistent marketing will bring cosmic-scale success to any business

You have just read a sci-fi story, written by the marketing experts from Amillidius company. We published this fiction to showcase the marketing effect on the promotion of such a complex and field-specific product as a space satellite. For “satellite QХ-321” and “satellite IMZ-317”, any search engine will produce en masse the information with positive and interesting facts about these products. So, there is no ground for the fear some business owners have, saying their product is too field-specific for marketing technologies. The experienced marketing experts, having the basic knowledge about a product or service, can drum up absolutely anything. And only if products are well-presented on the Internet, it enjoys demand. Promotion on Google is the way to attract the target audience, as well as partners and investors for your company. Eventually, it is the shortest and most efficient way to increase your profit.

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