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EFF: Land question must be final by year end, with all land in state’s custody


EFF: Land question must be final by year end, with all land in state’s custody


The land question should be finalised by the end of the year and all land must be in the custody of the state, EFF member of the National Council of Provinces Nkagisang Poppy Koni said on Tuesday.

“Land must be in the hands of the state. Legislation to redistribute land must state that a minimum of 50% of the land must be in the control of women and youth,” she said during the Parliamentary debate on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent State of the Nation Address (SONA).

In her view, talk of  providing people with title deeds is not what is needed in townships.

“These title deeds are used as collateral to get people to borrow money they cannot repay, and then the money ends back in the hands of the banks,” said Koni.

She would also like to see foreign ownership of land abolished.

As for land vested with traditional leaders, she said they still have a role to play in communities to allocate land, especially to women and children.

“If you are going to change your party resolution (on land), don’t say I did not warn you. The EFF has made a commitment (about land). We know victory is certain and our people will have the land,” said Koni.

In conclusion, she referenced recent controversial tweets by SA’s ambassador to Denmark Zindzi Mandela, who said that apartheid apologists’ time was over and that they would not rule again.

“To Zindzi, we are behind you, the struggle continues,” said Koni.


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