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Famous Ukrainian producer Elvira Gavrilova held her 6th charity dinner, which raised more than 2 million hryvnias


Famous Ukrainian producer Elvira Gavrilova held her 6th charity dinner, which raised more than 2 million hryvnias

Elvira Gavrilova has been living in Portugal for more than 15 years, owns an international advertising company, and concierge service, specializes in the most elite parties in the world, and makes movies with Hollywood actors! But in all her interviews and charitable activities, Elvira always talks about Ukraine and calls to help her native land!
On October 24 in her native Kyiv Elvira Gavrilova together with her partner in organizing charity dinners, Sargis Sargsyan held a charity dinner in the framework of which they managed to collect more than 2 million hryvnias to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and displaced children. Moreover, the “Do Mrii” charitable foundation, which became a partner this evening, together with Mika Fatalov presented a pickup truck for The Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is one of the few stories when foundations unite. In the interview, Elvira Gavrilova and Sargis Sargsyan stated that they always try to unite the efforts of the foundations. For example, the partner of the charity evening in Lisbon, which was organized by Elvira Gavrilova in the first months of the full-scale invasion was the Klitschko Brothers Foundation, then the cooperation with the Union of TV and Film Industry Entrepreneurs headed by Artem Koliubaiev, today it is the “Battalion Volunteer” Foundation.
“For me, charitable activities are aimed purely at helping my native country, so I don’t see the point of working with one foundation, because we all collect money for a common cause and into a common pot, as they say. As soon as I hear notes of competition or words from the heads of funds that they collect money only through their fund, I immediately stop cooperating with these people, because it smells of dishonesty. That is why we are always open to cooperation. Moreover, we are approached by volunteers, artists, and military men who ask us to exhibit a lot within the framework of the evening organized by us and to give the proceeds from the lot specifically to their brigade. That’s how we work. After all, our goal is to create a platform – an auction on which it is possible to raise funds for the needs of the ZSU or resettled people.”
At the last charity event, a unique lot of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was sold – his T-shirt with his signature. For this exclusive lot raised 365 thousand hryvnias. Also at the auction were sold:
  1. Certificate for 10 thousand euros – dental space KAZO. From the founder Igor Kazo. Sold for 91 thousand hryvnias.
  2. Painting “The Art of Love” by Sonya Moroziuk. Sold for 73 thousand hryvnias.
  3. Flag of Ukraine with signatures of the “Cultural Desant”: Artem Pivovarov, Christina Soloviy, NAZVA, Mikhail Krupin, Roman Ramenev, Yarina Kvasniy, One in a Canoe, The VYO, Majorova Dasha, Ksenia Bashibular, Vivienne Mort, Remez, Kondrat, Mari Cheba, Kolya Serga, Panasiuk, Sergey Bely, Labukh, Bird from Azovstal, Maestro, Skofka, VIP Ternopil, Numer 482 Vitaly Kirichenko, Sofia Rudik, Kozak Siromakha, Pianist, KÓRNEL, Tanya Vlasova, Vyshebaba Pavel and others. From Kolya Sergi and Culture Descent. Sold for 36.5 thousand hryvnias.
  4. Master class on breathing practice from Natalia Lyubimova. Individual session “Breath Alchemy”. Sold for 44 thousand hryvnias.
  5. “Harmony of the World” – Certificate for a Master Class on NeuroModeling in the form of an exclusive art picture. From a certified NeuroCoach, master of the method of NeuroModeling and Energy Integration, and Author of NeuroAlgorithms for personal growth Alevtina Shakti. Sold for 36.5 thousand hryvnias.
  6. An annual pass to TSARSKY CITY RESORT and dinner with Artur Mkhitaryan. From Artur Mkhitaryan. Sold for 111000 UAH.
  7. Staging a dance number by Max Leonov. Sold for 36.5 thousand hryvnias.
  8. Painting “Master Yoda Volunteer” by a military artist with the call sign Picasso. From the charitable foundation “Battalion Volunteer”. It sold for 383 thousand hryvnias.
  9. The painting “HIMARS. Weapon of Victory” from the charitable foundation “Battalion Volunteer”. It sold for 182 thousand hryvnias.
  10. The painting “Motherland” by the military artist with the call sign Picasso. From the charitable foundation “Battalion Volunteer”. It sold for 109 thousand hryvnias.
  11. Ukrainian flag with the signature of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valeriy Zaluzhny. From the charitable foundation “Battalion Volunteer”. Sold for 365 thousand hryvnias.
  12. Boxing gloves, signed by the mayor of Kyiv – Vitali Klitschko. Sold for 73 thousand hryvnias.
  13. Hookah from Yaroslav Bondarenko, the manufacturer of the author’s variously designed hookahs Hi-tech club. Sold for 109 thousand hryvnias.
  14. A copy of the FPV drone from Yaroslav Bondarenko, manufacturer of author’s hookahs Hi-tech club. Sold for 91 thousand hryvnias.
  15. Coin “Omega” from the head of the Special Purpose Center “Omega” of the National Guard of Ukraine, Major General Pavel Yatsyuk. Sold for 36.5 thousand hryvnias.
The evening was not without the participation of stars. The host of the auction was Yuri Gorbunov. On the stage also came Jamala, the winner of Eurovision, who gave the lot – a record with his signature.
The band KAZKA, which raised the whole hall on the dance floor, and the band Aviator.
Elvira Gavrilova shared her plans, and the next charity dinner is again prepared in Lisbon. Elvira also thanked all the partners of the evening who helped it to take place, and this is:
Lilia Oleynik – businesswoman and public figure, founder of TM I live, Chairman of NGO “I Live in Harmony”, Chairman of CUJ Kyiv 2023, founder and publisher of the newspaper Eco Ukraine, initiator of the International Ecological Forum. Osocor Residence is an elite hotel and resort for recreation, where luxury and nature merge into one. Media partner 1+1 media.
Taryan Group company and its owner Artur Mkhitaryan. The unique KAZO dental clinic and its owner Igor Kazio. To Status Group developers who are building a secure future. To the incredible charity project DoMriy, founded by professionals united by one goal – to win the war and protect the freedom of Ukraine. Natalia Lyubimova is a recognized coach, mentor, and expert in personal development and psychology. Alevtina Shakti is a certified NeuroCoach, master of NeuroModeling and Energy Integration method, and author of NeuroAlgorithms for personal growth. Special thanks to Roman Bochkala and the Volunteer Charitable Foundation.
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