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Facebook to create experimental apps under new group

Facebook to create experimental apps under new group


Facebook to create experimental apps under new group


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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Facebook will launch new consumer-focused apps under the developer name “NPE Team, from Facebook,” to set expectations that the the apps will change quickly and be shut down if the tech giant finds they’re not useful, the company said in a post on its website. NPE stands for “New Product Experimentation.”

“NPE Team apps will be aligned with Facebook’s mission of giving people the power to build community but will focus on shipping entirely new experiences,” Facebook said.

Facebook has launched several standalone apps over the years, but most were failures. The company also has a history of launching apps that mimic features of popular social apps. Most recently, it launched Lasso, a video app that’s similar to TikTok.

Facebook said apps from the NPE team will be governed by Facebook’s terms of service and data policy.

“This is a way for Facebook to develop new types of experiences for people and to try different ideas by creating small, focused apps in order to see whether people find certain features useful or engaging,” the company said. “We may use what we learn to help inform our thinking and product strategy moving forward.”

The company said some apps may allow users to connect their Facebook account to the app, which will be available in Apple’s app store, the Google Play Store and on the web.

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