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Trump’s White House just put up an online form for people to complain about social media censorship

Trump White House solicits complaints about social media censorship

The Trump Administration on Wednesday opened an online form where Americans can share instances in which they’ve been censored by social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

The form asks users to share their contact information, social media links, their citizenship and residency status and links or screenshots of any social media content they’ve posted that was censored by Facebook or its Instagram service, Twitter, or Google’s YouTube.

“This permission grants the U.S. Government a license to use, edit, display, publish, broadcast, transmit, post, or otherwise distribute all or part of the Content (including edited, composite, or derivative works made therefrom),” reads the user agreement for the form.

The White House’s new form comes as more politicians are pushing for regulation against online platforms, with a focus on Facebook specifically. Multiple 2020 Democratic presidential candidates including Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said they would consider breaking up Facebook.

Meanwhile, Facebook is expecting to be hit with a fine of up to $5 billion by the Federal Trade Commission related to the company’s March 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a political consulting firm improperly accessed the data of 87 million Facebook users.


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